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These small, completely handmade terrarium or greenhouses allow houseplants optimal conditions for life in our homes and offices. With enough light, in this microclimate conditions plants will thrive excellently. Especially for the tropical plants this greenhouses provide much needed humidity, especially during winter when the heating in our homes completely drained the plant. Due to its small size, it is suitable for holding in any place where enough light for plant growth is.
It can be hanged but carefully and not to be exposed to the wind because it could be damaged.

For now, we offer hexagonal and octagonal terrariums different diameters and heights:

Diameter 12-20, Height 15-25


Lovely plant in the terrarium is a genuine gift for all plant lovers.
Plants that are suitable for planting in these terrariums are all miniature and slow growing species:

Tips for keeping your terrarium and plants in a good condition

A few tips for keeping your terrarium and plants in a good condition:

  • be careful how you deal with terrariums, they are made from glass and can be broken
  • doors can be easily removed for simple cleaning
  • dust should be wiped with cotton cloth
  • Terrarium can be washed with mild detergent and rinse with water, after washing wipe the glass with cotton cloth
  • do not use aggressive cleaning agents (acid, abrasives, etc.)
  • do not expose plants to direct sunlight
  • do not exaggerate with watering; too much water will kill your plant.
  • You can use the plastic pipette for required amount of water
  • it would be ideal to use rainwater for irrigation but water which stand few days at room temperature will be quite good.

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